This site is powered by Searchability, a tool that makes it easy for groups like ours to search thousands or even millions of records. Try it out on CRARG’s publicly searchable Holocaust records.

Search across languages

  • Search by sound with Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex, so that Yakubovitch matches Jakubowicz.
  • Reduce false positives with our version of Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex, adapted based on two decades of experience with these records.
  • Search in Cyrillic or Hebrew letters to find equivalent records in Latin letters.

Search full text

  • Search full text of millions of cells in just a few milliseconds.
  • Use Boolean search to narrow down your results: “goldberg AND (butcher OR farmer)” finds all the Goldbergs who are butchers or farmers
  • Try regular expressions when you’re uncertain: “gold*” finds Goldberg, Goldstein, etc.
  • For advanced users, try complex regular expressions: “/g[ou](l+)db(.*)rg/” finds goldberg, golldberg, gulldbirg, etc.

Designed for genealogists

  • See results in a fraction of a second, even for the largest queries – so fast that you’ll hopefully find yourself trying more possibilities and making more discoveries.
  • See multi-person records (like books of residence) together, so that you only have to search once.
  • Find what you’re looking for with clean and simple design.
  • Easily link to images and other media (hosted anywhere you like).

Behind the scenes

  • Built on industrial-strength storage and search technologies that work smoothly even with thousands of users.
  • Anyone from a team can upload data to a secured location and group it into data sets, which are made available via highly configurable search engines.
  • Automated data quality checks help find issues in the data that might have prevented records from being found.
  • Designed for collaboration – search engines can be kept private, shared with particular users, or embedded on any site for public use.

More information

Eventually we hope these tools can help other organizations. Please contact the developer for info.